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The Game Hogg Hunt Club & Outfitters

About Us

The Game Hogg Hunt Club was originally established in 2007 as a waterfowl focused hunting club and operated as such with members from NY, PA and MD for several years.  Today Mike Bard, one of the original club founders, operates the Game Hogg Hunt Club LLC as a professional waterfowl guide service, offering a limited number of hunts for divers/sea ducks and greater snow goose hunts across the state of NY. 

Our Staff

Our guides bring decades of experience to your hunt and are dedicated to providing you and your group with the best experience possible. 

Captain Mike Bard, Owner & guide, is a Central New York native, who grew up near the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge chasing ducks along the Seneca River and Finger Lakes. He has been guiding waterfowl hunts since 2008 and looks forward to sharing his passion for waterfowl hunting with you. Mike's experiences and expertise has been shared by outdoor writers from across the waterfowl hunting industry and he's been featured or quoted in dozens of articles and videos over the last decade, as well as been published himself. He is a member of the Avery Outdoors-Banded and Field Proven Calls Pro-Staffs.

Clay Tietjen, Associate Guide, is a registered NY State Guide and is hunting something every chance he gets.  Clay serves as both a mate on our layout boat hunts during the fall/winter and assists with our snow goose hunts in the spring. Clay shot his first goose while hunting with Mike in 2008 and they've been hunting together ever since. Clay brings a true enthusiasm to every hunt. 

Ryan Martin, Assistant Guide & Scout, joined the team in 2016 after moving up from PA. He has quickly proven himself and become an integral part of the team. Ryan is flat out a hard core waterfowler, who specializes in stacking up divers and Canada geese. He is the in-house 'Decoy Doctor' and has helped customize our diver rig and bring new life to many of our used & abused fakes.

Steve 'Sully' Sullivan, Assistant Guide & Scout, resides in the North Country of New York along the St. Lawrence River and coordinates our hunts in this area.  He is also our resident MacGyver - the guy can fix or build anything we think up. Sully is also a member of the Avery Outdoors-Banded Pro-Staff.

Jason Mocyk, Club Coordinator, has officially joined the team in 2017 after years of hunting and supporting GHHC. He grew up an avid outdoorsman with a passion for deer hunting, but has been lured to the 'duck side' after becoming neighbors with Mike in the early 2000's.  Jason will be supporting some of our hunts and shop work, while he also works to re-develop a club package that offers multiple hunts a year to individual hunters. 

Zach Bard, Intern, has grown up in a home that eats and breathes the 'waterfowler life' and at the age of 14, he has already built up an impressive bank of experiences that he enjoys sharing. Zach helps out a lot in the shop and at shows, but you'll also find him setting and picking up snow goose decoys during the spring.

Chris Bard, All-round Support, is Mike's wife and although you likely may not see her while you're on your hunt, she helps out with a lot of the behind the scenes logistics and we couldn't do what we do without her.

Our Equipment

Although use a mix of brands and custom built products to provide our hunters with the safest and best experience possible; Avery Outdoors and Greenhead Gear products have always been a big part of our hunts.   

  • Blinds, plastic decoys (both floaters and full bodies), and misc. accessories from Avery & Greenhead Gear are widely used throughout all of our hunts
  • Should we happen to be hunting puddle ducks or to Canada geese, Field Proven Calls help our guides close the deal
  • Many of our Texas Rigs and more and more of our long-line drops have gone to Lifetime Decoy's coated cables, as they've proven to hold up to our abuse better than anything else
  • All of our e-callers are custom built by our guides - If you need an e-caller for snow geese, crows, predators or early season Canada geese, contact us and we can build one to meet your needs