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Diver & Sea Duck Hunts

Our Diver & Sea Duck Hunt Details

Whether you're a veteran duck hunter or have yet to shoot your first duck, layout boat hunting is a completely different way to experience duck hunting!  Laying just inches above the surface of the water, in a sea of decoys, as redheads, bluebills, goldeneye or even long-tailed ducks come low and fast across the water, then jam on the brakes and put their feet in your face... Boom! You'll be hooked!

We have both 1 man and 2 man layout boats that help us meet the needs of most groups. Typically only 2 hunters are hunting at a time, while other hunters in the group wait their turn in the tender boat.  We rotate hunters in and out every 45 minutes to an hour to ensure that everyone in the group has good opportunities and can experience the thrill of this unique style of hunting. This is also why we need to keep the groups small.

Bluebills, bufflehead, ruddy ducks and goldeneye are usually the first to arrive in mid-November, followed by redheads, long-tailed ducks and white winged scoter in late November. We also get the occasional canvasback and ring neck, but targeting these species in our area isn't typically possible.  

  • Availability: November, December & Early January
  • Number of Hunters per Group: 2-6
  • 2019-2020 Rates
    • Group of 2 Hunters - $750
    • Group of 3 Hunters - $975
    • Group of 4 Hunters - $1,200
    • Group of 5 Hunters - $1,425
    • Group of 6 Hunters - $1,650
  • Hunts run through 1 pm or until limit is reached
  • Bird processing is included
  • Shotgun shells, meals and lodging are NOT included in price of hunt

When planning your trip, always take into account that we cannot predict the weather or migration, so although we only offer our hunts during historically prime times in the migration and will make every effort to provide you with a safe, fun hunt full of opportunities to harvest ducks, it is hunting and we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  If you will be coming in from out of town to hunt with us, booking a couple days is recommended just in case you end up with a bad weather day or two.

All prices are in US dollars